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Security systems are generally expensive and complicated, so it is advisable to do a proper research on them to enable you take a clever decision before buying any of the home security system available on the market.

Save yourself the time of doing your own research, because our security system experts have already done all the necessary proper research on most of the home security systems available.

We are offering you expertly written in-depth articles on security cameras systems, fire alarm systems, burglar alarm systems etc. Being a responsible consumer means taking the time to get to know a product before actually buying it to avoid regrets.

Home Video Security Systems


Written by Admin

The Watchguard Complete 4 Channel Digital Video Surveillance is one of the best home security systems to have at your homes. It can be installed easily, but it is better you get a professional home security system personnel to help you with the installation and setting up of the security system .e.g (connect to PC or network and monitor). The image is better than video in 4:3 format. The vision at night is good and it's up to 20m after that it is difficult to recognize people.

This home security system comes complete with 4 Day/Night weatherproof color cameras, power supply Cable, 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder with 500GB Hard Drive and 4 camera connection cables (2 x 10m - 1 x 20m - 1x 30m). It also comes with IR LEDs for viewing in total darkness up to 15m. The watchguard Complete 4 Channel Digital Video Surveillance can be purchase for both indoor and outdoor use.

This home video security system has a very smart and intelligent build-in Video Motion sensor which will start recording immediately when it detects any motion. It features allows live display, playback and record. After the home security system is completely setup, it is easy to control just like a DVD player with buttons for play, pause, RW, FF, search, etc. It is able to record up to 25 images frames per second on each of the 4 cameras and features H264 video compression technology. This home video security system is compatible with the Eagle Eyes iPhone Application, which allows you to connect the device to your iPhone for real-time footage viewing.

Our research team found a story about a customer who uses this security system. One night a neighbor who leaves next to the customer that uses this home video security system had their house broken into and items stolen. The camera that comes with the home video security system has the ability to look in all directions including parts of the neighbor's house, so it was easily able to get the number plate of the car the thieves used. The picture clearly revealed the car number plate. The law enforcement personnel’s use the number plate they got from the camera to arrest the thieves.

For an entry level system for the house, it is worth it. This home video security system is expensive, so make sure you shop around for the best price. You will get the best deals from independent resellers.